Massage Therapy encompases many techniques, each with their unique value and role.

Some of the treatments I offer in my work:

Sweedish Massage
A technique using stroking, tapping and a kneading to major muscles to increase circulation and relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage
A technique that focuses on your problem area helping relieve tension and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage
A technique using deeper pressure to break up tension and knots in the muscles.

Sports Massage
A technique using deeper pressure to break up scar tissue and knows on muscles and tendons while bringing fresh oxygenated blood into the muscle to help with recovery and stretching to increase flexibility and mobility to muscles and joints.

Ear Coning
A non-invasive and natural way of cleaning the ear of wax buildup, cleaning sinus problems and allowing clients to hear better.

Stimulate your mind and body while slipping into a deeper relaxation by adding essential oils to your experience.

Contact us and let's talk about the treatment that is right for you.

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