Can Sports Massage Help My Backhand?

While sports massage won't perfect your drop shot, it can help treat or prevent a common tennis injury.

You see, hitting that little ball all the way to the baseline places enormous stress on your joints. Do it a few dozen times in a game for weeks, months or years, and that stress builds up, especially in the tendon of the elbow. The technical name is "lateral epicondylitis" but it's more commonly known as "Tennis Elbow". Symptoms include tenderness and pain in the elbow sometimes spreading down the forearm. Activities like bending the wrist or grasping a tennis racket can make matters worse. And that means you play less often.

Sports massage helps increase blood flow to the damaged tendon. It is a recognized treatment for the injury and may help prevent it in the first place. And that means you can continue to play. And maybe finally nail that drop shot.

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