What if you could charge up your warm ups, improve your peak performance, and speed up your recovery without additional workouts....and be relaxed in the process?

If you're not including sports massage in your training plan you're shortchanging your performance. Whether you're an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, sports massage can prepare your body for athletic activity, help maintain it in optimal condition, and help prevent injuries. Whether you're a golfer, tennis player or runner, you can benefit from sports massage.

Have you ever tried to dance without listening to the beat of the music? The body naturally works to its own rhythm. The more are able to attune to that beat, the better we feel. Your daily life, like dancing, can only truly work when you listen to the beat of your body. Fail in this and your body will build up tension and stress that reduces your ability to achieve peak performance.

That's the role of massage. It creates a space where you can focus on you and release the tensions that day to day life builds up and leaves behind. The outcome is simple, to reintegrate with your inner rhythm.

Call me at 619-890-6515 and let's talk about how sports massage can help you.

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